Athens Comprehensive Plan

New Online Surveys Available Now!

August, 17 2018. We have created a series of 8 online surveys in order to get more feedback and opinions on topics related to the Athens City Comprehensive Plan. These surveys are designed to take about 5 minutes. Your ideas and opinions are important to help shape the recommendations and implementation strategies that will be incorporated into the plan. Please take a few minutes to complete any or all of the surveys. These surveys will be available to complete through Sunday, October 7.

The first survey is developed to get additional information on issues in your neighborhood. Many of you attended one of our neighborhood level workshops earlier this summer and for those of you who wanted to participate but could not attend this is an opportunity to provide us with your thoughts on issues in your neighborhood. 


The other 7 surveys are designed to get a bit more information on components in the plan guiding principles. Please take a few minutes to complete all (or some) of these surveys.

History and Cultural Assets 

Housing and Neighborhoods 

Economic Development 

Environmental and Sustainability 



Artistic and Creative Spirit

As for other comprehensive plan activities, as we transition from summer to fall  we will be organizing corridor level initiatives, scheduling preliminary neighborhood findings meetings, coordinating student outreach as the fall semester starts, and piloting some traffic calming measures. Please be on the lookout for information on those activities in the next month.

About the City of Athens Comprehensive Plan

The purpose of this document is to formalize a vision for the future of our town; our goals as to where we want our community to be in 2040, and to describe the methods and techniques by which we will achieve that vision.

This plan is important not only in terms of guiding our elected officials and city staff, but also compliance and competitiveness for various programs at the state and federal level.

In order to draft this document, the city will be executing what is known as a comprehensive planning process. This process, slated to take around one full calendar year, is the process of (1) soliciting public input to define goals, (2) applying expert knowledge to recommend how to achieve those goals, (3) submitting draft language to build consensus on our goals and methods, and finally, (4) formal submission to city council for adoption. After this process is completed, we begin a cycle of implementation and public feedback.

You can find a rough timeline below. The sidebar on the left of the page has more information about various topics.

August 2018 Plan Timeline

 If you have any questions or comments, please drop us an e-mail at