Sells Park

There will be an trail race event on the trails at Sells Park on May 6th & 7th. The trails will be open to the public but please be mindful that there may be additional people and trail runners using the trails as well. See event info below. 

*Note: This is not an event ran by the Arts, Parks, and Recreation Department. For questions, please reference the Thunderbunny webpage:

SEOTR Events will be hosting the annual Thunderbunny Trail Races at Strouds Run State Park and the Athens Trails on Friday May 6 and Saturday May 7.  On Saturday the 7th, runners completing the 50K (31 Miles) will be passing through Sells Park on the Rockhouse Trail and the Athens Trail which serves as an aid station at mile 23, between 10:45AM and 3:00PM.   

Sells Park and trails will remain open to the public but please be mindful of this event.

The Thunderbunny Trail Races will start and finish at the Strouds Run State Park campground, and feature a 11K distance on Friday, as well as 50k and 25K distances on Saturday.  Spectators are encouraged to view the race at the Start/Finish Area at Strouds Run State Park, or any of the aid stations along the course, including the Sells Park Trailhead!  All information on the courses can be found at:  

You may see course markings for the event on the trails in the Sells Park area and Strouds Run State Park.  Please respect the course markings and do not remove or alter them, for the safety of the participants.

If anyone is interested in volunteering please complete the volunteer form:


If you enjoy nature and don’t want to travel far, Sells Park is an ideal location. A small nature area, Sells has a small pond and several short hiking trails.

It also connects with the Stroud’s Run State Park trail system, if you want to make a full day of hiking. Enjoy beautiful scenery on the ridge line overlooking East State Street.

Sells is located at the end of Avon Street, just off of East State Street across from the Athens Community Center.

Hiking Trails Map

Hiking trails map