Rates & Information

 Residential Garbage/Recycling/Composting

Effective January 1, 2024 the City of Athens will transition Refuse, Recycling, and Compost services from Athens Hocking Recycling Centers to Rumpke Waste & Recycling Services. This change came because of a competitive bidding process as outlined by Ohio Revised Code. Customers’ service days for pickup will remain the same initially and there will not be a disruption in service. Additionally, the City has opted to include uniform refuse and recycling cans that will be provided by the hauler. Refuse cans will be sized according to your can rate. Curbside composting will also continue. Those currently enrolled will remain. If you are currently opted out and interested in enrolling or you should contact compost@ci.athens.oh.us.  



New Rate (including cost for cans)

1 – Can


2 – Can


3 – Can


4 – Can


5 – Can




Extra Bags placed curbside added to monthly bill)

$5.25 each

Litter Control Fee (support fee)


Special Haul Charges (anything not bagged placed at curb)

Varies based on item/volume

*All residential rates will increase by $0.20 for every 100 new customers added to the single container rate. 



  • Garbage containers must not be visible from the street on non-pickup days
  • Recycling can be put out the same day garbage is, just make sure crews can tell what is garbage and what is recycling
  • Watch for changes in pickup days due to holidays
  • Garbage must be out by 7:00 am
  • Trash cans and recycling containers cannot be placed at the curb before dusk the day prior to pickup and must be removed from the curb no later than dusk of the day of pickup.


Effective:  1/1/2024

Consumption *

(gallons per month)

Previous Water Base Rate

Previous Sewer Base Rate

2024 Water Base Rate

2024 Sewer Base Rate

< 15,000



















$ 224.42


























 *Customers outside the City limits must add 20% to both the base rate and per thousand gallon rate. 

The base rate applies to the first 1,000 gallons. The following charges apply to each additional 1,000 gallons:

Water:                         $5.15

Residential Sewer:     $6.00

Commercial Sewer:    $6.79

Industrial Sewer:         $7.49

Capital Storm Sewer Fee:      $3.00 for all residential customers

                                                $6.00 for all commercial/industrial customers


Wastewater Discharger fee (for septage hauling service providers):            

Previous Rate:            $0.065/gallon

New Rate:                   $0.075/gallon

Base Rate

A base rate is established for each customer based on monthly peak consumption during the prior year.  If the "gallons used" box on your water bill read less than "15" (which is actually 15,000) every month last year, your base rate will not change this year.  If your water bill was for "15 gallons used" or more at least three times last year, you will have a new base rate.  To determine your new base rate, look at the three largest quantities billed in "gallons used."   Refer to the chart above and use the smallest of the three numbers to determine which level will be used as your base rate.