Objective & Public Notice


The goal of the Code Enforcement Office is to provide a service to the community which maintains and enhances the quality of life for all citizens. Each year should see obvious progress toward that goal. As yearly objectives are realized, they should progressively showcase Athens as an excellent place to live, work, and pursue an education.

We are not addressing elaborate needs, but rather maintaining a quality rental housing stock, controlled building and development, and encouragement of a diverse, healthy, and sustainable business environment. These are the foundations of a viable and vibrant community. With that achieved, citizens can direct their energy toward making Athens an excellent community in which to live.

As respect for the Office of Code Enforcement grows, based on competence gained through performance, then short-term goals can be quickly accomplished and long-term quality of life issues challenging legislators and administrators can be identified and addressed sooner.

Public Notice

The Athens City Code Enforcement Office will be actively enforcing Athens City Ordinance 0-147-90 (Athens City Code 9.10) which authorizes the Office of Code Enforcement to insure that all types of grass, noxious weeds, and vegetation be cut or declared a nuisance on private property. In particular, all owners of properties with grass in excess of eight inches in height will receive a 5 Day Notice to cut the grass as authorized by Sections 731.51 and 731.52 of the Ohio Revised Code. If cutting is not accomplished in five days, the Office of Code Enforcement will contract a vendor to perform the cutting and the property owner will be billed the contractor’s fee plus an administrative charge. At the end of the summer, all bills not paid to the Office of Code Enforcement will be forwarded to the Athens County Auditor’s Office to be recorded as a tax lien.