Disabilities Commission Activities

  1. Solicit, hear, and forward citizen concerns on disability issues to pertinent City Offices or agencies.
  2. Assess pedestrian safety for persons with disabilities via the Athens walk with City officials.
  3. Assess City street & housing services for persons with disabilities via the City tour.
  4. Recommend to City Council & Offices on needed services that impact persons with disabilities.
  5. Review drawings and make recommendations on business and housing development projects.
  6. Solicit and review nominations and present Service Awards to an Agency, Business, Individual, & Organization for accommodating persons with disabilities.
  7. Exhibit the work of the Commission on Disabilities at the Disabilities Awareness Festival, Farmers’
  8. Market, Disabilities Speak Conference.
  9. Educate public on disability issues and resolutions via Disabilities Conversations on Studio B @ WOUB Radio, Town-Hall Meetings, letters to the editor, newspaper articles, Disability Commission brochure.
  10. Update Athens City Web Site on the Disabilities Commission Mission, Duties, Activities, Resources Directory, Members, and Contact Information.
  11. Discuss national and state government and professional standards and recommendations for persons with disabilities as pertinent to our Commission on Disabilities goals.