My car was damaged by a pothole on a street maintained by the city. Can I receive compensation for the repair?

The City of Athens Engineering and Public Works Department will consider claims for reimbursement for vehicle repair costs sustained by a pothole or other distress in a city street. In order for a claim to be fully considered, the pothole in question must have already been identified to the EPW Department, and the department failed to repair it in a reasonable amount of time. Under normal working and weather conditions, two (2) business days from the initial report is considered reasonable for the pothole to be properly repaired. Claims for the damage caused by unreported potholes will be considered but the city is not obligated to pay. 

Citizens may first seek compensation from their auto insurance company. The city will only consider dollar amounts up to the deductible amount for the policy owner. For instance, if the damage costs $1000 to repair and the citizen's insurance deductible is $500, the city will consider reimbursement up to $500. 


The citizens notifies the Engineering and Public Works Department of the intention to place the claim, then provides the following information by email or in person: 

1)The attached completed form

2)Obtain a police report/incident report by stopping by the Athens Police Department located at 11 N College street Athens, Ohio 45701 between the working hours of 8am-4pm.

3)The repair receipt

4)Insurance information:

a)If you have full coverage you must provide your deductible amount

b)If you have liability-only insurance, you must submit proof i.e. declaration page of the insurance binder or

insurance documentation bearing that information

Following the provision of correct documentation the Engineering and Public Works Department will then submit it to the city's insurance carrier for review. The carrier will contact the citizen directly with a determination. 


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